Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is but a test

I am testing out this ingenious bit of technology called a blog. There is no serious intent here, I am merely testing.

As I have stated, it is merely a test. I will continue stressing the situation until I am completely satisfied. Because you see, this is a test, and I am testing my blog which I have named Negative Space. Don't you get it? I am Brandon Atyeo, and I am dry and sarcastic, and much of what I write has a negative attitude to it, and this is a film studies class, and it is my own private space? Get it? Negative Space? Negativity...Film terms...My own area....Haha. Get it? You see...Because...Yeah, you get it.

Now again, I feel that I must , once again, state that this is a test. This is not supposed to be a serious post. I just want to test out my blog, see how it's set up, especially see how long paragraphs look.

Alright folks, I am coming to an end of this test. Perhaps you didn't know that this was a test, but I must tell you that it was indeed a test, and that there was no serious intent here. I do believe that the next post I make will be about Film Studies. Or...It might be about something completely different. Or maybe not. I might just make another test paragraph. Who knows. I might throw a curve ball, and make a post about liquorice or music or something.

Perhaps you're wondering why I said 'perhaps make another test paragraph'. That bit of information implies that there would have had to have been more than one test paragraph for me to be able to include 'another' in there. Well, yes. There was another test paragraph, and that test paragraph is this test paragraph. Perhaps you hadn't known already. Though...This is turning out to be more than a test paragraph. It's quite a few paragraphs long. I haven't the foggiest idea why. I mean...Wouldn't a blog test only need to be about three sentences long? Hmm...I don't know why.

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